A new toy and my first road trip of the year to West Point

I recently purchased a new toy during spring training that will come in very handy for road trips during the year. Now since I’m writing a blog I thought it would be a good opportunity to type up a little review about it. The company is GAEMS (www.gaemspge.com) and the product is a PGE (personal gaming environment). If you’re not into video games, I’ve probably already lost you but if you’re a gamer like myself you’ll want to hear more about this slice of heaven I’ve found. It’s essentially a hard-case for my Xbox that has a screen inside so I can play anywhere/ anytime (even in the bullpen before I get called into pitch… kidding!).

Hanging out at my apartment

I’m a bit of a goober when it comes to technology, so when I came across this case I just had to get one. So far it’s been unreal! If you’re like me and carry your Xbox around a lot the case alone will pay for itself. It’s lightweight and enables you to travel safely with your console. If you can find a power outlet, all you need to do is open it up, plug it in and off you go. There are two different sizes, I went with what’s called the ‘Vanguard’ which has a 19inch screen securely built inside. I honestly don’t see myself taking the Xbox out of the case to play on my TV, the screen is that good!

My locker on the last day at spring training, getting ready to hit the road!

Recently I did some traveling with the team towards the end of spring training, Where we played some exhibition games against the Nationals and Army (at West Point). Travel involved a train ride where I was able to connect my Vanguard and pass some time. Being on the road is definitely going to be a little easier this year! (if you’re interested in getting one there is a promo code at the bottom of this blog which will give you a discount, enjoy!).

Living out of a suitcase isn’t all bad with my Gaems Vanguard

Having the opportunity to play against the Nationals in preparation for the year was an awesome experience. We also got to be apart of bringing back the tradition of playing Army at West Point, which was something else! Our day started with a tour of the athletic department and the old chapel (1 of 5 that are on campus). Then we went to the pointe that over looks the Hudson River and one of the cadets explained the importance of this lookout. It is where the chain was used to stop the British from riding down and heading into Manhattan. Being from Australia and not knowing much history about West Point, it was incredible to listen to all the stories.

Looking out over the Hudson river at West Point

Before the game we went to the “Mess Hall” and ate with some of the cadets. I sat at a table with a mix of students from freshman all the way up seniors. Hearing about their daily lives and how they got to West Point was a true inspiration. Afterwards it was time to head to the ballpark. It was a humbling experience walking into the locker room. Army has great facilities and were very accommodating but you could say we were used to a bigger clubhouse haha. It was nothing we all hadn’t dealt with throughout our careers but it had been a while since being back in a college locker room. That being said, it was these moments that made the day so special.

Cadets “Mess Hall”
This place huge and seats over 4000 students!!

During and after the game we got to mingle with the cadets both on and off the baseball field. I personally got to learn about a piece of American history, right where it happened. It was an unbelievable day. I hope this is a tradition the Yankees continue to carrying on.

My locker for the day
DoubleDay Field

Till next time, thank you and take care.


PS. If you’re interested in getting a Gaems case like myself, they’re running a promo code for a limited time only that will give you a discount at checkout! Enter: SPENCEDC for an $80 discount ($50 off a Vanguard case plus the same “digital camo skin” i have on mine, valued at $30). if you are tech savvy, you can use a QR reader on the barcode below and it will send you right to the Gaems website. check it out!

QR CODE for Gaems Vangaurd Link

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Josh, nice story. Number 53 with the Yankees is the same number Aussie Mark Hutton had with the Yankees!

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