Rain, rain go away!

So far we’re roughly two weeks into the year and when you think you have seen it all, we’ve had an astonishing six games over four consecutive days rained out!  Absolutely crazy. That being said, if you’re to take anything positive away from the disrupted schedule, this is the weather you’d be playing in during the month of October, which we all dream of doing one day.

I’ve been very lucky over my short professional career to get some great advice and some of the best words of wisdom have been unrelated to the game of baseball. Former teammate of mine Heath Bell, who is with the Diamondbacks now, preached this to me…. Every new city I go to, I should set some time aside and see what the city has to offer.  Basically, take advantage of seeing parts of America that you wouldn’t normally see.  It’s no secret that with the travel in the minor leagues it’s tough to make some time for yourself.  It’s a constant battle to get your rest and be as prepared as you can be, as you jump from city to city. Even though the weather wasn’t ideal with the rainouts in Buffalo, it gave us an opportunity to get our feet back underneath us and explore the town.

As a foreigner thinking about Buffalo, New York, a few things come to mind. 1) How close it is to Canada. 2)  Niagara Falls and 3) Chicken wings, haha. With time constraints (and other obvious reasons) going to Canada was definitely out of the question.  With weather constraints, Niagara Falls was a “raincheck” (so to say). That leaves option number 3… chicken wings! A lot of people from Buffalo have their opinions on where the best wings in town are, so it was tough deciding where to go. Then we came across the Anchor Bar, which claims to be “Home of the Original Wing”, so we had to try it out!

Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar

Thirteen RailRider “spread crushers” (a spread crusher is a nickname for someone who eats to much at the ballpark) jumped in the hotel shuttle and off we went down Main street to the Anchor Bar. On arrival we were very intrigued to hear the story of the “Original Wing”. The story goes: In 1964, the owner of the Anchor Bar’s son was working late that night when a few of his buddies dropped by and he asked his mom to whip them up something to eat. The chicken wings were usually dropped in a crock pot and used for soup and broths, instead she decided to deep fry them because they “looked too good to put in the soup that day” and this was the birth of the “Original Wing”.

The Wings

The Wings

When you order, there are a handful of sauces to choose from; mild, medium, hot, and spicy BBQ (or suicidal, if you dare). When you order it’s done in increments of ten, twenty or fifty. Between the thirteen of us we unashamedly ordered around 250 wings and let me tell you, nobody left hungry.  Generally, as a team we do a pretty good job of eating healthy and fueling our bodies the right way. To be honest with you, I feel that anything in moderation isn’t terrible for you. That day the thought of moderation went right out the window, haha!!  But hey….when in Rome. Overall it was a great experience and those wings will be hard to beat.

Till next time thank you and take care!



Damn my original reply got eaten like those wings did!

When I was sleeping in a bus station in Buffalo in ’95 waiting for the bus to Niagara sure wish I had gone for some wings instead! Exploring the little towns is the way to see the real USA, just like it is here back in Oz.

It’s great to read about this facet of baseball life as travel is such an enriching experience. I agree, America has so many great towns with unique local history and special delights.

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